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Welcome to Maine Medicare Options.  This site is built as a resource for you to learn and better understand Medicare Options as they relate to your circumstances.  

As you are learning, the complexity of the plans coupled with the uniqueness of your needs can be overwhelming at times.  If you find yourself wishing that you had a trusted friend with the experience of Medicare and knowledge of ALL the plans available to you , then you have the right place.  

Maine Medicare Options represents ALL the Medicare options available in Maine, and New Hampshire too.  We are able to answer your questions online, on the phone, or in person with a home visit.  There is no cost or obligation for you to have your questions answered.  We appreciate the questions as it is our goal to be the single best resource in the state for such questions.  Should you be interested in enrolling in a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan, we provide the full range of offerings and we can certainly assist you with that as well.

Enjoy the site, and please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.