About Maine Medicare Options

Maine Medicare Options

Who/What is Maine Medicare Options you wonder?  Well, Maine Medicare Options is really just one guy, me, Todd Reagin.  I created this business out of a passion I realized later in my life.  Please read about my story below.

Taking a leap...

Just over 8 years ago I had a good job at a local newspaper. I had been there 15 years and had earned the Senior sales position, seniority, vacation time and a pretty decent income. I liked my job but I didn't love it. There was a lot of anxiety about the future of the newspaper industry and I didn't feel any sense of reward for my work. Despite all my successes, I felt disconnected with my career. Something was missing. I decided to take a leap of faith in the worst job market in years and I left my job at the paper. For me, it was no longer about the money or the "golden handcuffs" which kept me at the paper, now it was less about money and more about feeling fulfilled. Then for just over a year, I worked temporary jobs while wondering how things were going to come together. I toyed with several different business options and reviewed business scenarios in an attempt to discover what it was I was that I wanted.

Discovering my passion...

As I continued my journey, I was contacted by a local health care organization to assist in a 3-month project. Having maintained a steady position for nearly a year, risking a 3-month position posed a threat of unemployment at the end of the project. Despite the risk, I felt that there was a lot for me to gain in learning another new skill and challenge myself more, so I accepted the project position. This new project was to sell insurance, specifically for anyone on Medicare. Before I could do this, I needed to be licensed by the State of Maine. I studied and I passed my State exam on the first try and was granted a State of Maine Health Insurance Producer's license. Now licensed, I met with people in their homes. These people were in need and I was there to help, and help I did. Medicare is very complicated and can be very overwhelming to most people. I was able to help answer my customers questions and help them understand the nuances of Medicare unlike anyone has done for them before. Many of these people were in financial straits, and I was able to help them save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in some cases, I was helping, I was making a difference, I felt like a hero. After a couple days on the job I noticed that I was feeling very emotional. I sat in my car one day and tried to figure out what this emotion was, and it hit me like a ton of bricks; I felt happy. I had not felt so good about my job in such a long time I had forgotten what it felt like. This was by far the most rewarding job I had ever had and knew before the end of the 3 months that this was going to be my new career.

Worth the risk...

This has turned out to be one of my best life decisions. I took a risk, and am so glad I did. I no longer measure my success based on what my income is, but rather about how I feel at the end of each day. Through this journey I have found my passion. I have discovered that I truly enjoy working with people who are 65 and older and love being able to help guide them through a complex decision making process as they prepare to retire. There is a satisfaction gained from knowing you've helped someone and knowing that they are going to be taken care of after you're done. Words cannot express the joy I feel helping people find the right insurance plan for them, and the numerous times when the gratefulness of those people has warmed my heart. It feels right. I want to take this opprotunity to say Thank You to my partner, Tom, for being part of this with me, and for helping me realize my dream while stumbling upon my passion.

Contact Me today to schedule a meeting or call me directly at (207) 370-0143.  I LOVE talking about Medicare!