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Dealing with Health Insurance is complicated and the more you try to research on your own the more complicated it can get. 

Give-Back or Buy-Back Plans

What are "Premium Buy-Back Plans"?

How To Pay Your Medicare Bill

Silver Sneakers or Reimbursement - Which is better?

Many Medicare plans offer benefits that help you stay healthy but each insurance company is different.

Moving to Maine?

How To Cancel Your Obamacare plan


You are going to be 65 this year...


Did you choose the wrong plan last fall?

Did you choose the wrong plan last fall? 

You may qualify for a second chance to correct the mistake!

SSA not Deducting Premiums?

Medicare & Dental

Goodbye Obamcare!

Here is what you need to know if you are turning 65 soon and making the move from Obamacare to Medicare...