Government "Shutdown" & Medicare

Border security continues to be very controversial for a great number of reasons. After failing to appropriate any funds for increased border security it looks like our Federal Government may "shut down". 

I put "shut down" in quotes, since the U.S. Armed Forces are still getting paid and over a million non-Postal employees are still being requested to work (with a risk of delayed pay if this impasse isn't resolved quickly).

For the most part many of us will not be effected.  

The following services will continue during any government shut down:

  • The U.S. Postal Service will keep delivering mail.
  • Active military will continue serving.
  • Air traffic controllers, prison guards and border patrol agents will remain on the job.
  • NASA Mission Control will continue supporting astronauts serving on the Space Station.
  • What won't be affected by the shutdown?
  • Flights.Air-traffic controllers and security officers still will be on the job even though the shutdown has begun.
  • Amtrak. The trains are run by a government-owned corporation and also will operate as usual.
  • The border. Customs and border agents will continue working at border crossings and ports of entry.

Social Security

Social Security checks will continue to go out, and most of the Social Security Administration's staff are exempt from any furloughs.

The Social Security field offices will offer limited services and the card centers will be closed. Beneficiaries of payment will continue to receive their dues. Online services continue. And, some functions like benefit verification and issuing Social Security cards will cease.


Just like Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits will still be provided.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will continue servicing open enrollment verifications, noting that Medicare programs will continue “largely without interruption.” CMS will also continue to operate non-discretionary activities like the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control as well as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

Since Social Security field offices will only be open with limited services and with fewer Social Security employees expect a long wait in line or on the phone.

Your alternative is to do everything online.

Social Security processes all of Medicare’s enrollment paperwork so with fewer people to do the work you are better off applying for Medicare online.

You can enroll online for Medicare through Social Security at

About 90 days (3 months) prior to turning 65 you should go online and apply for Medicare Parts A and B. Enrolling in Part B is optional so if you plan to continue working after age 65 and will have health coverage through an employer group plan then you should decided if you want to postpone Part B.

Click here to read more about turning 65 and plan work few more years. 

Start the process of enrolling in Medicare at least 90 days before the month of your birthday. For example if your birthday is April. 28, go online to on or after January 1st and you will have your Medicare card arrive in plenty of time to have an April 1st effective date.  Medicare coverage always starts on the first of the month.  Once you have your Medicare card you can enroll in the Medical health plan of your choice.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have additional questions or you can call me directly at (207) 370-0143 or send me a message here:

What do I do when I get my Medicare card in the Mail?

When you get your Medicare card you may contact me for help. I can educate you on all your options and help you choose the plan that covers everything you need today and in the future. 

I am a licensed insurance agent in Maine and New Hampshire and I am happy to answer your questions or meet with you to explain things and help you enroll in a plan. 

I do not charge anything to meet with you. If you enroll in one of the plans I represent then I will be paid a commission by that plan. There is no obligation to enroll in any plans when we meet.


Would you like my help?

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The best part about working with me is that it will not cost you anything to talk with me to discuss your options and review the plans that are available.  I am paid by the insurance companies in the form of a commission when you enroll in a plan.  You will not pay anything to meet with me and you will pay the same price for your insurance that everyone pays whether they had my help or not.

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