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At a recent meeting of the Portland Area Coalition for Elder Services (PACES) a fellow member brought up a new scam that is happening more and more as baby boomers reach retirement age.  I did some research and this is what I discovered.


Scammers are Going After Your Social Security Benefits

Older Americans have often been the largest group to fall prey to Medicare and Social Security scam.

But now people between age 62 to 66 face the highest risk of this new scam.

Criminals are now going to the Social Security Administration website and setting up “my Social Security” accounts of workers that are of retirement age in an attempt to steal their retirement benefits. 
Scammers pretend to be IRS agents, voter registration clerks, and members of law enforcement to scare people into sharing personal information.  Never give out your Social Security Number to ANYONE over the phone!

How It Works:

Once scammers get your personal information, including Social Security numbers, they can go to to open a “my Social Security” account in your name.
They apply for funds, requesting a lump sum payout for any amount due to you, and direct the automatic deposit to their own bank account.
The scammer then withdraws the stolen funds and closes out the bank account, then transfers the funds to gift cards (so they can’t be tracked).

What You Should Know:

Only one “my Socials Security” account is permitted for each Social Security number, so signing up early is key.

It is important to set up your account before a scammer does.

What You Should Do:

To prevent falling victim to this scam everyone should Set up their “my Social Security” account today at
If you hear of anyone who is a victim of this scam, advise them to visit thier local Social Security office to resolve it. You can find the location of your nearest office at
For more information on scams like this and prevention methods visit



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