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Scam Alert!

There are two Social Security scams you need to watch out for at the moment.

Help is there - when you need it!

If you're having trouble reaching your insurance company to get an answer to a question or resolve a problem, try contacting your insurance agent (the person who helped you choose a plan and enroll).  Licensed agents can help you with claim issues, resolve billing issues, and explain plan designs, benefits, and options.  We work closely with each health insurance company and have dedicated customer service representatives to handle our requests.

What your doctor's office doesn't know could hurt you!

Has this ever happened to you?

Phyllis Vance turns 65

Today I read that actress Phyllis Smith's is turning 65. Like me, you probably remember her best from her role of Phyllis Lapin-Vance on the television show, The Office.  

Why wait until you're 65 to retire?

Are you only working for the Health Insurance Benefit?  If so, then don't wait until you're 65 to retire!

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