FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

My mother has a very low income. Can she get extra help paying for her prescriptions?

Yes. Have her contact her local Social Security office to find out if she qualifies for “Extra Help” with her drug costs. She should also contact the Dept. of Health and Human Services to find out if she qualifies for a Medicare Savings Plan. This could help her pay for her Part B premium and pay some or all of her Medicare costs. Click here to download a booklet about Medicare’s Extra Help and Click here for more information on Medicare Savings Plans.

I’ve heard a lot about the “Donut Hole” or Coverage Gap in Medicare Part D. If I reach the gap what is the discount I will get on covered brand name prescription when I am in the gap?

Once reaching the coverage gap, you will pay 25% of your plans cost for covered brand-name prescription drugs. Click here to read more about Part D.

If I have a health emergency while visiting my family out of state and then go to the emergency room for treatment, will I be covered?

All Medicare plans cover the cost of emergency room visits either completely or with a small co-payment. Some also offer coverage outside the United States if he were to travel to Canada or abroad.

My husband turns 65 on October 15th, when can he get a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan?

He can sign up for a Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan when he first becomes eligible for Medicare. He has a 7-month period to enroll in Medicare that begins 3 months before his birth month (July), the month of his birth (October), and ends 3 months after his birth month (January). His coverage will start on the first day of his birth month. Click here to learn more about enrollment periods.

We have recently moved to Maine from another state. Can we join another Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan here in Maine?

You can and in most cases you will want to do it sooner than later! You have a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) that gives you time to find another Medicare Advantage plan if your current plan is not available in Maine. Medigap plans or Medicare Supplements can travel with you anywhere in the U.S. but you are entitled to change plans if there is a better plan available but you will need to find a new Part D prescription drug plan. Click here to find local help finding and comparing plans in your area.

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 The 4 parts of Medicare:

Medicare Part A (Inpatient or Hospital Coverage)
Medicare Part B (Outpatient Coverage) 
Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage plans) 
Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage