Medicare Part A (Inpatient or Hospital Coverage)

You are eligible for Part A when you turn 65.  Part A covers you when you stay overnight in the hospital, including a semiprivate room, food, and most tests.

Part A also covers brief stays for rehabilitation or convalescence in a skilled nursing facility if certain criteria are met: A preceding hospital stay must be at least 3 days as an inpatient (three midnights) not counting the discharge date.

The nursing home stay must be for something diagnosed during the hospital stay or for the main cause of hospital stay.

Hospice benefits are also provided under Part A of Medicare for terminally ill people with less than six months to live.

This is determined by the patient’s physician. (You can read more in depth about this here:  Hospice Care & Medicare).

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   Should I apply for Medicare even though I have insurance at work?

    Yes.  If you’re not retiring and you are continuing to work then you may want to consider enrolling in Medicare Part A and delaying Part B until you retire but there is a lot you should be aware of before you make this decision…