2018 Social Security COLA

Don’t wait for Social Security to give you a raise.

Give one to yourself!

How?  It’s Simple.

As the Medicare Part B premium increases each year and your cost of living increase from Social Security is $0 – this tactic might be one way to give yourself a raise! 

Ask yourself: Are you paying more than you have to for insurance?
Do you know what other people pay?

Most people who choose the Medigap type of Medicare supplement plan choose Plan F because it covers 100% of the costs left over after Medicare pays part of your doctor and hospital bill.  It’s easy to understand and easy for agents to sell. But it’s the most expensive of all Medicare supplemental plans!

The answer is to SHOP AROUND!

There is another plan (Plan G) that works the same way with one small exception. It pays 100% of the costs AFTER you pay the Medicare Part B deductible, which for 2017 is only $183.00.

That’s right, $183 is the entire deductible for Medicare Part B.

One of the big benefits to Plan G is lower monthly costs.

For example, several insurance companies are offering Plan G in Maine and starting in January of 2018 there will be more.

The lowest cost for Plan G is $165 and the lowest cost for Plan F is $206. This is a difference of $41 per month or $492 for the year!

That means after you pay the $183 Part B deductible you will save, $309 per year on Plan G!

Want to know more?

If you would like help reviewing these costs and comparing the different plans you can call me directly at 207-370-0143 or use my simple form on the CONTACT page of this site to send an email message or you can book a meeting online by clicking here. Book an appointment with Maine Medicare Options using SetMore

The best part about working with me is that it will not cost you anything to talk with me to discuss your options and review the plans that are available. I am paid by the insurance companies in the form of a commission when you enroll in a plan.

You will not pay any more than anyone else and you are under no obligation whatsoever to enroll in any plans if you talk with me.

“My goal is to help people and I have found great joy in being able to offer my services to people who need my help.”