Does Open Enrollment matter to me if I am happy with my current Medicare plan?

You are happy with the plan you have today….

However, as of January 1, a new plan will take effect that you’ll have to live with in 2015.  Here are some of the things that may change:
  • Your monthly premium
  • Your annual deductible
  • Your annual out-of-pocket spending limit
  • Your out-of-pocket costs (co-payments or coinsurance)
  • The network of providers and pharmacies
  • The drug formulary (list of medications the plan covers)
  • Coverage rule for medications (quantity limits, step therapy, prior authorization requirements)

How will I know what is changing?

Prior to October 1st your Medicare Advantage or your Part D drug plan must send information about changes in benefits and costs for the upcoming calendar year.  You will be receiving this Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) in the next few weeks.  Take time to study it. 
If you have concerns, you can use the Medicare Plan Finder at to compare plans in your area or by talking to an insurance broker or agent who is contracted with your plan and can help you understand all the changes.  If you don’t like what you find, use the Plan Finder to check out other plans and if your agent is contracted with those other plans he/she will be able to help you change to the new plan that better suits your needs for the coming year.  The new plan will take effect January 1st.

Do ALL agents and brokers know about ALL the plans available?

If your agent is not contracted with one of the plans you are interested in this means they have not been trained by the insurance company and may give you wrong information about the plan based on rumors or out-dated information which could end up costing you.
I am a licensed insurance agent in Maine and New Hampshire. I specialize in educating people on all the Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans offered in Maine and New Hampshire.  I am an independent agent which means I do not work for one specific insurance company.  I have contracts with many different insurance companies and I am trained annually and have passed exams to be able to offer those plans to my clients.   The benefit to you is that I am a “one stop shop.”   When my clients sit down with me, I review their needs and match them up with all the plans available and then I am able to help them narrow down those choices to one plan.  I will help you enroll in the plan that is best for you and I will be there for you during the year if you have any questions or need help.  I also meet with my clients each year before the plans change to review those changes and when necessary help them to find a plan that suits their needs better at that time.
I am currently contracted with the following insurance carriers;
  • Aetna
  • Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  • Humana
  • Martin’s Point Generations Advantage
  • Maine Community Health Options
  • Todays Options
  • Universal American (Today’s Options)
  • Wellcare
  • and Delta Dental
If you would like to talk to me or schedule a meeting at your home or a nearby meeting place, you can reach me at 207-370-0143 or use my simple form on the Contact Me page here to send me an email message.  It will cost you nothing to meet with me to discuss your options or the plans that are available.  I am paid a commission by the insurance company when you enroll in the plan.  I am looking forward to helping you find the plan that right for you.  Please contact me today to set up a time to talk.
Thank you.