Medicare Code Breakdown

Every beneficiary is given a Medicare number. This number is your Social Security number followed by a letter.  Your Medicare number is often referred to as a Medicare claim number.  The letter codes at the end of your Medicare claim number may appear on correspondence you receive from Social Security or on your Medicare card.  These letters represent how you earned your benefit, either through taxes you paid or taxes a spouse may have paid, etc…


A – Primary Claimant (wage earner)
B – Spouse (spouse of retired worker)
B1 – Aged Husband, age 62 or over
B2 – Young Wife, with a child in her care
B3 – Aged Wife, age 62 or over, second claimant
B5 – Young Wife, with a child in her care, second claimant
B6 – Divorced Wife, age 62 or over
BY – Young Husband, with a child in his care
C1-C9 – Child (includes minor, student, or disabled child)
D – Aged Widow age 60 or over
D1 – Aged Widower, age 60 or over
D2 – Aged Widow (2nd claimant)
D3 – Aged Widower (2nd claimant)
D6 – Surviving Divorced Wife, age 60 or over
E – Widowed Mother
E1 – Surviving Divorced Mother
E4 – Widowed Father
E5 – Surviving Divorced Father
F1 – Parent (father)
F2 – Parent (mother)
F3 – Stepfather
F4 – Stepmother
F5 – Adopting Father
F6 – Adopting Mother
HA – Disabled Claimant (wage earner)
HB – Aged Wife of Disabled Claimant, age 62 or over
HC – Child of Disabled Claimant
M – Uninsured -€“ Premium Health Insurance Benefits (Part A)
M1 – Uninsured – Qualified For (but refused health insurance benefits – Part A)
T – Enrolled in Medicare but temporarily delayed Social Security Retirement Benefits or Uninsured – Entitled to Health Insurance Benefits (Part A) under deemed or renal provisions
TA – Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE)
TB MQGE – Aged Spouse
W – Disabled Widow
W1 – Disabled Widower
W6 – Disabled Surviving Divorced Wife
WA – Railroad Retirement

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