Lower Insulin Costs in 2021

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Good news! Some Medicare Advantage and Part D plans in 2021 will provide supplemental benefits for insulin, including during the coverage gap (or Donut hole) phase.

A new program in 2021 called, the Part D Senior Savings Model will weigh the effects of offering people who are enrolled in Medicare more choices of insurance plans that would lower your out-of-pocket costs of insulin to $35 for a one-month supply – and these costs will stay at $35, even when you hit the Donut hole!

High insulin costs, in the past, have been a huge burden on many of my clients, being detrimental to their health and their finances.

During Medicare’s Open Enrollment this year, if you are a diabetic, you should review which plans in Maine will participate in this new program and what that may mean to the cost of your insulin and other medications.

Who is Participating?

In 2021, there will be 1,635 prescription drug plans participating in the Part D Senior Savings Model, including both Medicare Advantage Plans and stand-alone Part D Prescription Drug Plans.

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Why the New Model?

The new Part D Senior Savings Model was created in response to President Trump’s plan to lower the cost of insulin. For carriers with products participating in this model, a one-month supply of insulin would not cost any more than $35.

The model also intends to decrease Medicare expenses by offering a variety of supplemental benefits to cover costs such as copays and initial coverage.

The Part D Senior Savings Model’s goal is to provide beneficiaries with higher quality care and will benefit those who have either a Part D Prescription Drug plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

When Will These Changes Take Place?

Beginning with the Annual Enrollment Period for the 2021 plan year, which runs from October 15th to December 7th, participating insurance companies will offer Mainers on Medicare beneficiaries these supplemental benefits for insulin. The drug companies will pay the 70 percent discount for your insulin, if it is included in the program.

Under the new program, Medicare plans in Maine will offer Mainers more choices that will allow them access to more types of insulin. With the maximum copay being $35, the model projects members saving an average of over 66 percent in annual out-of-pocket costs on insulin.

Additional information on the 2021 Part D Senior Saving Model, including fact sheets and press releases, can be found linked at the bottom of the CMS report.

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If you are diabetic and using insulin,
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