What is Medigap or Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Advantage plans are very popular in Maine, but since there is no one-size-fits-all plan, Medicare Supplements (Medigap) may still be the best option for you.

Supplements work in combination with Original Medicare (Parts A & B) to fill in the gaps of the traditional Medicare program, hence the name “Medi-gap”.

Generally Medicare covers 80% of your medical cost and the Medigap plan pays most or all of the balance of copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.

Medigap plans in Maine and New Hampshire are standardized, meaning every insurance company offers identical plans, with monthly premium costs and underwriting guidelines being the primary differences between them.

In Maine and New Hampshire plans are labeled with letters A, B, D, G, K, L, M, & N. In recent years, insurance companies have added extra benefits like discount dental and vision, and fitness programs, to try and differentiate beyond price.  

Medigap plans have their own set of enrollment periods and rules which vary from state to state. I can help you know when you qualify for one of these plans and go over the different options with you. There is no cost or obligation for my help.

Would you like my help?

If you would like help understanding your costs or need help finding a plan or if just want to ask a few questions, you can call  207-370-0143 or use my simple form on the CONTACT page of this site to send an email message.  

The best part about working with me is that it will not cost you anything to talk with me to discuss your options and review the plans that are available.  I am an independent insurance agent and I am paid by the insurance companies (not you) in the form of a commission when you enroll in a plan.  

You will not pay anything to meet with me and you will pay the same price for your insurance that everyone pays whether they had my help or not.

“My goal is to help people and I have found great joy in being able to offer my services to people who need my help.”